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PhoneGap Framework Makes Cross App Development Simple

MyAppBuilder uses PhoneGap Framework allowing users to create apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms developers care about. Now you can create apps using the web technologies you know and love: HTML, CSS and Javascrip.

Get a 30 day no cost trial for a limited time. Platform development plans call for prices of $37, $67, and $97 enabking 3 apps, 10 Apps or an Unlimited number of apps to be developed.


Founded in 2008, MyAppBuilder had one of the first of 1,000 apps uploaded in the App Store. We have done Hundreds of iPhone and Android Apps ranging from Books, Games and Utilites. The Company has worked with multiple SDK's and platforms and has done several Million + Download Apps. MyAppBuilder knows the ecosystem and what it takes to get apps done.


MyAppBuilder is a Platform as a Service. The Company develops as many apps as possible to help build out its platform. MyAppBuilder releases most of these apps for free and the code is open source. The goal is provide Apps and templates that are easy to use and can be easily used as a base app for a company or developer.


MyAppBuilder  makes app experience simple. Its Apps are designed with the trends of a Social App. Think about it, Billions of people use popular social networking apps and sites daily. This experience is the most intuitive to them, the Company embraces that and designs apps to create a similar experience of browsing a social site. MyAppBuilder's Information Era and Data Overload social solution is to help elevate app content that can easily be read and clickable to learn more. By doing this it helps create a better user experience for everyone using its platform!

Download your 30 day MyAppBuilder trial here.

Empower Client Self Service; Manage Your Business on the Go

Now you can easily organize your business on the go and empower your clients for self-service with BizGenie. See complete details here.

Control the chaos in your life & organize your day-to-day tasks this online portal. Manage photos, catalog, leads, projects, books, calendar, team members, resources, templates & more…

Complete online business management: Perform end-to-end business management activities online including quote/invoice/contract management, lead/project management, contact management, etc.

Designed for mobile: Use it whenever, wherever – on your mobile, tablet, laptops or desktops. Sign up for BizGenie

Manage team & resource schedule: Add employees, vendors, equipment, studio rooms & manage their calendar schedules. Assign them to projects & track their tasks.

Personalize your accountPersonalize the look and feel of client portal and the iPad app using this portal.

Integrated solution: Have all the business data in sync irrespective of where you’re capturing it from.

See BizGenie here.


Android Stock Analyst Pro Available              

Now Stock investing is for everyone. Whether you are beginner or pro, investor or trader, the Stock Analyst Pro app for Android is a must tool.

This app offers unique *Stock Sticker Price* together with stock market news, stock quote data, company news of any public traded US stocks, fundamental analysis and technical analysis in easy-to-understand formats. Stock Charting using real-time data. Supports line, OHLC, Candlestick, volume, and MACD charts.

*** Special Features ***

- Easy-to-understand buy/sell/hold technical signals for stock traders.

- Unique Easy-to-understand Stock Sticker Price (also known as intrinsic value, true value or target price) and Recommend buy price for fundamental Warren Buffet-style and Phil Town's Rule #1 investors. 

Once you know a company's Sticker Price, which is its value regardless of the price it is selling for on the market, you are on your way to investing with certainty.

You don't have to subscribe to expensive newsletters in order to get the "target price". You can get it now via this app at pocket change price. Stock Analyst will always be at reach of your finger tip.

Notes: only US stocks supported. ETF not supported. Stock Sticker Price is available for stocks with earning records for at least 5 years.

- Portfolio: analysis, company news

- Auto-suggestion when searching for stock symbol

- Add negative MOS support

Get Stock Analyst pro here.