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Save 25% on Windows Utility

Powerful Tool Boosts PC Performance, Repairs Windows Registry

SweepTools PC cleaner is a light-weight, multi-functional, powerful tool that will boost your PC’s performance. It finds and cleans your junk files, repairs all Windows registry errors, optimizes your PC startup, helps you with uninstalling your programs and keeps your registry defragmented.

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If your PC is becoming slower and slower, your junk files are piling up and your disc gets more and more defragmented, then all you need is SweepTools PC Cleaner. This PC Cleaner is a small program that never slows down your currently running processes while in the same time helps your PC run faster. Pc Cleaner scans your PC and finds all unnecessary files and residues that can be cleaned with one click. You can avoid system crashes and startup issues by fixing all Windows registry errors. Uninstalling programs has become easier than ever, just choose them from the list and uninstall. Defragment your registry and maintain performance, or optimize your startup and choose only the apps you really need to launch. Boost your PC performance only with a couple of clicks.

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