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Individual Titles 30% Off

Creative Tim Big Bundle at 83%+ Discount for 14 Bootstrap Products

Choose Personal or Professional License and Save; DDD Exclusive Offers 30% Savings on Individual Titles

Creative Tim offers Bootstrap based design elements to speed up your development work. From plugins to complex kits, the publisher has everything you need. To prove it, Creative Tim is offering its Big Bundle, now with 14 unique products, at over 83% off for Professional Developers. Find details on the Big Bundle here.

As an added bonus, DDD arranged exclusive 30% discounts for individual Creative Tim titles when buyers use Code DDD30 through October 21. Click through for more information on each SKU here.

The latest additions to the Big Bundle is Now UI Kit Pro and Vue Paper Dashboard Pro.

The Creative Tim team loves the web and cares deeply for how users interact with a digital product. The idea behind Creative Tim was creating a standard of things developers actually need and would use inside web projects. The Suite powers businesses and individuals to create better looking web projects around the world.

The Big Bundle includes

  • Now UI Kit Pro
  • Vue Paper Dashboard Pro.
  • Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro 
  • Paper Kit Pro 
  • Paper Kit 2 Pro
  • Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro Angular2 
  • Paper Dashboard Pro Angular
  • Gaia Bootstrap Template Pro 
  • Material Kit Pro 
  • Paper Dashboard Pro 
  • Material Dashboard Pro 
  • Material Dashboard Pro Angular 2
  • Get Shit Done Pro
  • Rubik Presentation Page

Personal and professional licenses for Creative Tim's Big Bundle are available. Download yours today!

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