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New Spectator Sport - Twitch Leads the Pack in Live Video-Gaming; What's Viewed

According to a new digital spectator sport has evolved. Live video-game streaming basically entails broadcasting whatever you’re playing on your device at home to an audience via a specific online platform. One of the most successful such sites to do this is the Amazon owned website Twitch, where you can watch gamers playing "League of Legends" or "Counter-Strike" and the like. 

Facebook has just announced it wants to get in on the action and make it easier to live-stream certain video games on its site, by linking up with Blizzard Entertainment, which makes games like "Overwatch" or "World of Warcraft". 

People spent more than 277 million hours tuning into Twitch's top games in May, which makes such a platform a very attractive business venture. "League of Legends" is by far the most watched game on Twitch, with more than 80 million hours of streaming watched.

Infographic: New Spectator Sport: Twitch Leads the Pack in Live Video-Gaming | Statista


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