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Big Deals, Tremendous Savings

Trio of Marketplaces Make Facebook Shopping a Breeze This Holiday Season

BundleBooks, Boxes & Baskets, and Digital Distribution Depot are social media, mobile and web based marketplaces delivering consumers high quality, curated content and services from among publishers, artists, and rights hold…

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New e-Commerce Marketplace

Digital Distribution Depot Opens e-Commerce Store

Announces New Partnerships With ThemeFuse, Heimdal Security and SoftOrbits
On sale now in DDD Store.
Digital Distribution Depot, a rapidly expanding social media, mobile and web based marketplace, has added an e-Commerce store to its o…

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Generational News Consumption

Infographic: The Generational Divide in News Consumption | Statista


How You Get News May Depend Upon Your Age

According to Statista, "Some people like to stay on top of the news cycle throughout the day by checking Twitter, Facebook and their favorite news websites. Others prefer to be served a selection of the day’s important happenings by the evening …

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BIG Deals Deliver Big Savings

Digital Distribution Depot Posts Up BIG Deals

A brand new roster of BIG Deals from among curated digital content, services and technology selected by the professionals at Digital Distribution Depot is now available at 

Among this months offers are s…

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Exceptional Offers for Software and Services

Wide Range of Digital Downloads and Services Available on Digital Distribution Depot

BIG Deals Page Rotates Curated Offers Regularly: New Offers Posted

LOS GATOS, Calif. - March 29, 2017 --- A fresh assortment of curated, discounted digital content and services, is now available on the…

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US Internet Ecosystem is Job Creation Machine

Industry Responsible for 10.4 Million American Jobs, or 7.3% of Total U.S. Nonfarm Employment, and Doubles Its Economic Contribution Since 2012

NEW YORK, NY — The ad-supported internet ecosystem generated $1.121 trillion for the U.S. economy in 2016—more than doubling the contribution it made in 20…

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Best Markets for US Tech Jobs

Infographic: America's Top Spots For Tech Jobs | Statista

Statista on Search Leaders in US, China, Europe

According to a report in, "In the USA and Europe, Google absolutely dominates the search engine market with the likes of Yahoo and Bing left to play mere bit parts. From its Mountain View headquarters in California, Google can also lay claim to predominantly being the search market lead…

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Twitter User Growth Is Near Flatline


According to Statista, when Twitter reported its results for the second quarter of 2016 on Tuesday, the company once again disappointed its investors with lackluster user growth. Instead of re-accelerating its user growth, Twitter basically flatlined. Now at 313 million monthly active users, Twi…

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Verizon Steps Up Its Presence With Yahoo Buy

A little more than a year after Verizon acquired AOL (including well-known online media brands such as TechCrunch, Engadget and Huffington Post), today’s deal further bolsters Verizon’s reach in the digital world. According to internal metrics, Yahoo’s online properties reach a global audience of mo…

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What Time Is It for Smartwatches?

"In the past quarter, the global smartwatch market saw its first contraction, with worldwide shipments declining by more than 30 percent year-over-year. According to IDC's estimates, shipments amounted to 3.5 million units between April and June this year, down from more than 5 million in the past y…

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Cyber Attackers Are Often Insiders

According to a report in Statista, "Cyber attacks are a constant threat to businesses around the world with vast sums of money being spent to protect against them. The image of some nefarious character plotting in his or her bedroom is one most of us have when thinking about hackers and cyber crimin…

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New Spectator Sport - Twitch Leads the Pack in Live Video-Gaming; What's Viewed

According to a new digital spectator sport has evolved. Live video-game streaming basically entails broadcasting whatever you’re playing on your device at home to an audience via a specific online platform. One of the most successful such sites to do this is the Amazon owned website Twi…

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Internet Giants Among World's Top Media Companies  Says Zenith Optimedia

Statista reports Optimedia's numbers on top media companies and Internet leaders are among the world's best. "Over the past decade, the internet has replaced print media to become the second most important advertising medium behind television. The rise of digital advertising is reflected in Zenith…

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Save Big $ With Digital Distribution Depot

Look to Digital Distribution Depot for great offers on digital content. We're constantly updating the website and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well. Sign up for future announcementsLink

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Welcome to Digital Distribution Depot

Digital Distribution Depot is an emerging social media, mobile and web based marketplace offering consumers high quality digital content from among publishers, artists, and rights holders of audio, video, art, mobile apps, eBooks and software. The service is owned and operated by @Sales & Marketing.

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