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Blog posts September 2018

Genie Timeline 10 Effortless... Fast... Elegant Backup

70% off

genie timeline

code bts70 until 9/30/18

Powerful yet simple

Install, configure to your preference, and you’re done!
  • 3 step configuration
  • Automatic purge to save space
  • Protection level to indicate the health of the backup
  • Timeline view to recover from any point i…

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Material Kit PRO React A Badass Development Kit

50% OFF with Code DDD50

Material Kit Pro react

by Creative Tim

Start Your Development With A Badass Material-UI React Kit inspired by Material Design. If you like Google's Material Design, you will love this kit! It features a huge number of components built to fit together and lo…

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Do You Backup Your PC Daily?

70% off

Genie Timeline Products

one time setup, a lifetime of protection

use code BTS70 when purchasing Until 9/30 /18

We all know that we should be backing up daily, many of us don't. Why not? Are we lazy or still looking for the right solution? We found it for you and worked to get you…

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Premium Material-UI Dashboard

50% off the latest from creative tim

Material Dashboard pro react

premium material-ui dashboard

use code ddd50 when purchasing


Material Dashboard PRO React is a Premium Material-UI Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. Creative Tim is very excited to…

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Save 30% on AVG Security for Business; Free Trail Too

Start protecting your business today

  • Quick to install
  • Remote Management
  • Free email & phone support
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Protects against ransomware, malware, viruses, spam
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 protection
  • Safe surfing and malware protection
  • Data and privacy protection
  • Autom…

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Best automated social networks management tool 14 Day Free Trial

Social JukeBox...Less Work, More Social


Scheduling posts and live posting are very time consuming. Plus you have to remember when you last sent a particular piece of content. It's tiring just thinking about it. Social Jukebox will eliminate the need to continually schedule your posts, and manag…

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Premium Bootstrap Vue.js UI Kit

30% OFF

Back to school promo

vue now ui kit pro

Vue Now UI Kit Pro is a premium responsive Bootstrap 4 kit provided by Invision and Creative Tim. It is a beautiful cross-platform UI kit featuring over 1000+ elements and 11 templates.

Vue Now UI Kit Pro is one of the most popular UI K…

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