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Blog posts June 2016

Top Apps Tracked in New Report

Smartphone users in the United States spend more time using apps than ever before. On average, they spend more than 40 hours a month using their favorite apps. Meanwhile, the number of apps they use has plateaued since 2012. 27 appears to be the magic number in terms of how many apps people need.

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Cyber Attackers Are Often Insiders

According to a report in Statista, "Cyber attacks are a constant threat to businesses around the world with vast sums of money being spent to protect against them. The image of some nefarious character plotting in his or her bedroom is one most of us have when thinking about hackers and cyber crimin…

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New Spectator Sport - Twitch Leads the Pack in Live Video-Gaming; What's Viewed

According to a new digital spectator sport has evolved. Live video-game streaming basically entails broadcasting whatever you’re playing on your device at home to an audience via a specific online platform. One of the most successful such sites to do this is the Amazon owned website Twi…

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eBooks Spring Promo Saves Buyers $5; Choose From New Arrivals, Best Sellers

Save on your Summer Reading List when you choose eBooks in multiple electronic formats in all categories  from a leading specialist ebook retailer.

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Users can download books to computers, dedicate…

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Price Gap Widens on Smartphones

"When Apple’s iPhone sales started showing signs of stagnation recently, one of the most cited reasons for the slowdown was the iPhone’s steep price tag compared to the competition. And while it’s probably right to assume that a lower price would boost iPhone sales, the question is: why should the i…

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Internet Giants Among World's Top Media Companies  Says Zenith Optimedia

Statista reports Optimedia's numbers on top media companies and Internet leaders are among the world's best. "Over the past decade, the internet has replaced print media to become the second most important advertising medium behind television. The rise of digital advertising is reflected in Zenith…

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