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Quick & Easy Form Builder

Save 40% on Quick & Easy Forms Utility

It's easy to create web forms and online surveys that make a difference using  123 Contact Form, a free form builder.

You are one step away from your own web form that visitors will love! And one short click away from saving 40% when you use Discount Code 88B3098C GOOD ON ALL PLANS, 


Create HTML forms with online applications integration

Connect your web forms to other online services and automate your data collection processes in a snap.

Generate HTML forms with Paypal and Google Checkout integration

Integrate one or more payment processors with your order form and sell anything without the need of a shopping cart.

Includes SSL encryption contact form security

Protect your web forms with SSL, Captcha and more. Create password protected contact forms & other HTML forms.

Generate HTML form submission reports

Track your online form performance through in-depth analytics. Use graphical reports from our real-time form builder for data mining.

Easy to build forms & surveys with drag-and-drop in real time.

You can build beautiful online forms as simple as 1-2-3. Just drag & drop fields to your form, select your notification email and publish the form anywhere online. No coding required!

123ContactForm is a service developed by a team of dedicated professionals in Timisoara, Romania. Founded in 2008, 123ContactForm has customers around the world who choose our products every time they build online forms and surveys. A Free Trial is also available.

BRAND NEW Premium Material-UI Dashboard

50% off the latest from creative tim

Material Dashboard pro react

premium material-ui dashboard

use code ddd50 when purchasing


Material Dashboard PRO React is a Premium Material-UI Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. Creative Tim is very excited to introduce their take on the material concepts through an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Material Dashboard PRO React was built over the popular Material-UI framework.

This BRAND New product is available as a personal license for one website or a developer license to we used for multiple websites. If you are a web developer and purchase the developer license, you may sell your end product royalty free.

Material Dashboard PRO React makes use of light, surface and movement. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order is obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left sidebar and the content is on the rig.

This great product is available now at an EXCLUSIVE 50% OFF

Developers Exclusive From DDD


Bootstrap Developers Get 30% Off at Creative Tim

Digital Distribution Depot has combined with Creative Tim to offer an EXCLUSIVE 30% off on each individual title when they purchase direct from the publisher and download the product.

Take advantage by using the Code DDD30 to get the premium Bootstrap Theme, Template, UI Kits to start your development of some badass tools.

Whether you are looking for Admin Templates, Angular, Vue.JS, REACT or simply landing pages Creative Tim has something for everyone. Do more, create more and get more with this EXCLUSIVE savings.

Creative Tim products come in personal versions or if you are a developer, there are developer editions which can be used for multiple clients.

How Important is Doubling Your Traffic?

Double Your Traffic, Leads and Sales

Sounds Great, but how?


Publish your magazines on your own domain and get access to over 100 MILLION visitors from Google, Facebook, etc. It's your publications in your own WebKiosk.

Yumpu optimizes the content of your Publications in a way that search engines love! This and the linkage to your social accounts results in free amounts of massive traffic.

You will get tons of traffic from Google Image Search. 23% of all searches performed in Google are for images. Yumpu takes the images from your PDF and optimizes them for high ranking in the search engines.

Powerful content that sells! Present your Publications to your readers in a beautiful and elegant way. Link directly to your webshop and watch the sales grow!

Yumpu is being used by such companies as Disney, Coca Cola, Samsung, MasterCard, FedEx, BMW, Nike and many, many more. Maybe you should try it also.

Is Your Computer Protected

50% OFF Heimdal Pro

the ultimate security for your computer

50% OFF Heimdal PRO shields your PC from 2nd generation malware. It filters your Internet traffic to keep you safe against ransomware, financial Trojans, data-stealing malware & other threats that antivirus can't detect.

The benefits of using Heimdal Pro

  • Protect your computer from 2nd generation malware
  • Sanitize your Internet traffic to block malicious traffic
  • Keep your financial data and confidential information safe
  • Save time and enhance your security with automated software updates
  • Protect your digital life from attacks you don't even notice
  • Experience a safer web, just as fast (as before)



Take Heimdal PRO for a spin and see how it works to increase your security when you're online

The ultimate in photo editing and graphic design


PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate
Photo editing software & bonus collection

Get Photoshop-like results for less with PaintShop® Pro 2018 Ultimate—including a faster, easier PaintShop Pro and an exclusive bonus collection of premium software you won’t find in Photoshop. Turn photos into works of art with Painter® Essentials™ 5, automatically correct images with Perfectly Clear 3 SE, and edit RAW photos quickly with Corel® AfterShot™ 3.

Get it now and save 20%

Procedure Development Tools

Business Computing Designers Save 40%

esProc is designed for application programmers to handle computing strongly related to the typical and complex business facts. Without any inheriting, overload, and other complex concepts, it is a development language neither object-oriented, nor fit for developing the infrastructure or the whole tool software.

This month only, buyers can save 40% when they purchase and download esPROC direct from the publisher with DDD Exclusive Coupon Code DDD40.

esProc boasts the agile syntax, grid-style script, and complete debugging. For the structured or semi-structured data, esProc incorporates the special designs and is especially fit for the multi-step business computing with complex algorithm or the mixed computing of diverse data sources. The performance of esProc on stand-alone machine is close to or exceeds that of the traditional database, and esProccan scale out cost-efficiently. The parallel computing can be handled with the outstanding performance in the small-and-medium-sized cluster, which is also suitable for the computing workload requiring high performance.

The typical usage of esProc includes the report data source computing, hard-coded ETL, real-time computing mid-layer for application requiring high performance, non-real-time big data computing, and desktop BI. esProc provides the JDBC interface for integration, and also allows for the direct calling through Command Line. esProc has the independent Server and IDE, and supports distributed computing on multi-nodes and desktop computing.

Now until July 1, buyers can save 40% when they purchase and download esPROC direct from the publisher with DDD Exclusive Coupon Code DDD40.

Nevron Vision for SSRS

Advanced Data Visualization for More Informative Reports;  Save 10% With DDD Exclusive

Nevron Vision for SSRS delivers exclusive enhancements to your reports in all versions of Reporting Services. Reportedly, no other solution for SSRS offers more data visualization power, features, performance and flexibility – all integrated inside the native Reporting Services environment.

Buyers of this Nevron Software release can save 10% with an Exclusive Digital Distribution Depot discount. Use Code DDD10 and purchase Nevron Vision for $158.90 off the SRP.

Literally all aspects of enterprise report authoring are significantly enhanced by this essential SSRS add-on, including: superior charts, gauges, maps and barcodes with incredible flexibility and feature set, advanced visual editors that allow easy integration with your data, backward and forward reports compatibility, diverse ways to enforce your company branding across reports and many more features and enhancements that are exclusively available from Nevron.

Nevron Vision for SSRS includes the following report items:

Nevron Chart for SSRS

Nevron Gauge for SSRS

Use Code DDD10 when you purchase Nevron Vision to net your $158.90 off the SRP.

1TB of data to use between Online Backup + Cloud Storage

EXCLUSIVE Save 20% With Code DDD20 When Purchasing Tapnet Online Backup

Digital Distribution Depot has snared a 20% discount for buyers who purchase Tapnet's Online Backup

Unlimited File Revision History

Online Backup features unlimited file revisions and is backed up to powerful, trusted Amazon Data Centers of your choice. You can create custom backup schedules to secure your data as often as you need to. Secure backups are required by law in some industries; our backup system conforms to the stringent doctor-patient confidentiality requirements laid out by HIPAA.

Online Backup from TAPNET will secure your valuable business files, photos, music, videos and other documents. Our software uses 256-Bit AES military grade encryption and uploaded files are stored in a state-of-the-art data centers. TAPNET is intuitive, easy to use and ensures that if any of your on-site devices fails, a copy of your data will still be available online. The services mitigates vulnerabilities open to hackers, hardware or software failures and human errors.

Unlimited Deleted File Retention

TAPNET keeps a private backup of each deleted file for as long as you require after deletion, so nothing lost if the wrong files are accidentally deleted. Simply open the TAPNET backup software and restore accidentally deleted information is a snap.
The cheapest form of data insurance you can find, Online Backup from TAPNET can easily restore any saved version of your files. You can choose to restore your most recent data, or an earlier version.

Base package includes 1 device license for backup.

Benefits Of TAPNET Backup Service

  • Backup To Cloud Or Local Drives
  • Backup NAS or Mapped Network Drives
  • Unlimited File Revision History
  • Unlimited Deleted File Retention
  • Automatic Or Scheduled Backup Plans
  • Compatible With Windows, MAC, Linux and more

Save 20% when you purchase direct from Tapnet and download Online Backup using Coupon Code DDD20.




The Ultimate Perforance Package for Your PC

System Mechanic Pro

70% off through  5/31/18

Use Discount Code Memorial


  • Patented technology for maximum speed, power and stability
  • Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
  • Certified virus protection and data security
  • Whole home license for ALL your home PCs

Why you should consider iolo's System Mechanic Pro:

  • Blocks Malware
  • Recovers Data
  • Boosts Speed
  • Unleashes Internet Speed
  • Protects Privacy
  • Removes Bloatware
  • Repairs Problems
  • Cleans Out Clutter

Get 70% Off through 5/31/18

Edraw Max Pro DDD Exclusive Sale Offer

Edraw Max Pro the All-In-One Diagram Software

Use Edraw Max Pro to create flow charts, mind maps, org charts, network diagrams and floor plans with a rich gallery of examples and templates.

Now when you buy direct and download from Edraw save 20% with Coupon Code DDD20

Developers/designers can export and share their work in a variety of file formats such as Word, PDF, PPT, JPEG, HTML, etc.

Find Shapes and icons to fit across 50,000 vector built-in graphics.

Purchase and download today and save 20%.


Do You Backup Your PC Daily?

exclusive 30% off

Genie Timeline Products

one time setup, a lifetime of protection

use code GTL30 when purchasing Until 6/15 /18

We all know that we should be backing up daily, many of us don't. Why not? Are we lazy or still looking for the right solution? We found it for you and worked to get you a discount.

Here's why to try it now

Powerful yet simple

Install, configure to your preference and you are done

  • 3 Step configuration
  • Automatic purge to save space
  • Protection level to indicate health of backup
  • Timeline view to recover from any point in time

Backs up ALL your important data

It searches for your files in your computer, external and network drives so you don’t have to

  • Backs up your documents, pictures , music, videos and more
  • Backs up new and modified files; detects changes
  • keeps versions to recover older or deleted files
  • Protects mobile data synced to your computer
  • View your backup in its native or encrypted form
  • Backs up external, network or any storage attached to your PC


Secure, keep your data with military like encryption

  • Backs up encrypted drives
  • Encrypts backup with 256-AES encryption
  • Encrypts backup file names

On the Go

Your backup monitor anytime anywhere!

  • iPhone/ iPad app to keep track of your backup health
  • Email notifications and alerts sent directly to your Inbox


Try it and then save when buying any version of Genie Timeline 10 Products

Premium Bootstrap 4 Vuejs Admin Template

get 50% off

New Vue now ui Dashboard pro

use discount coupon ddd50

exclusive offer courtesy digital distribution depot


Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro is a beautiful resource built over Bootstrap 4 and Vuejs. It will help you get started developing dashboards in no time. Vue Now UI Dashboard Dashboard is the official Vuejs version of the Now UI Dashboard. Using the Dashboard is pretty simple but requires basic knowledge of Javascript, Vue and Vue-Router.


This comes with:

  • 160 handcrafted components
  • 17 customized plugins
  • 27 example pages
  • Bootstrap based
  • Documentation
  • Fully responsive

Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro is available as a personal license for personal use or a developer license for multiple websites or apps. Get the version that works best for your needs.


50% Off for a limited time


Build an AMAZING Website

Ready to build your WordPress site?

Let StudioPress help you!


As you may already know, one of the most flexible, powerful, and smart ways to publish content online is by using WordPress software. Customers trust StudioPress themes for WordPress to bring their content to the world.

StudioPress combines expert knowledge in SEO, design, performance, security, support to help you build reliable, beautiful WordPress sites.

All of our themes display beautifully on mobile devices. All of our themes are specifically designed to be “mobile responsive,” allowing your theme to automatically adapt to any mobile device on the market.

Get started today with StudioPress

Need more Web Site Traffic?

20% OFF Increase your traffic

GUARANTEED top 10 listing on 350+ search engines

Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996!

For over 20 years they've been specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEO) for small business. Today they help thousands of  customers every month with affordable Google, Yahoo and Bing search marketing solutions.


Ideal for anyone who says INEEDHITS

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