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Artists Making Money Doing What They Love With Daz 3D Platform and Marketplace

Daz 3D is home to an exclusive collection of some of the best 3D models from the best digital artists and 3D modelers in the industry. Daz artists have provided models and content for some of the most popular movies, video games and comic books in the world.

Now graphic artists and 3D artists can start for free when they  publish at Daz 3D. Published  products have access to the largest 3D model customer base and also receive the same customer support that all Daz 3D products are given. No longer will artists have to worry about keeping track of every little detail after their products are released. Trained DAZ support technicians will answer customer questions and emails for published artists!


Daz 3D Published Artists have access to prerelease files for new Daz 3D figures allowing them to create add-on products for the latest figures well before the figures are released to the public.

Daz 3D provides a private Published Artist discussion forum, a private Published Artists Chat Room and an exclusive Videos and Tips forum for help with product creation.

Daz 3D Published Artists have access to the Daz 3D internal production team for help and advice in overcoming obstacles encountered during product creation.

Need to update your product? DAZ not only delivers files for both PC and MAC platforms, but will also update your product page info, images and even the installers whenever necessary.

Established Daz Artists can skip the preliminary product review stage and submit their work directly to our product submission system.

Daz 3D offers a  robust, thorough and experienced Quality Assurance team to ensure that your products work well for customers.

Daz 3D offers Platinum Club Membership perks to active Published Artists. These perks include:

-30% Platinum Club discount on DAZ Original products.

-PC Member Forum Access.

-Access to Thousands of PC+ items available between $1.99-$7.99.

-Weekly Freebies

Daz 3D Published Artists receive an additional 20% off Daz Original items beyond the standard and Platinum Club discounts.


Products published through Daz 3D will be announced via email notices sent out to an extensive opt-in mail list of hundreds of thousands of digital 3D art consumers world-wide!

The Daz 3D marketplace has tens of millions of monthly page views. These are consumers who will be browsing artists' work.

Enjoy the added profits of store-wide sales and promotions available only to Daz 3D exclusive products!

Daz 3D Published Artists receive 50% of the net revenue from the sale of their product(s).

Daz 3D offers Bonuses - The top 15 artists each month receive a 15% bonus, the top 16-30 Artists receive a 10% bonus. This is based on the previous 3 months of sales.

Daz 3D offers royalty payments twice a month via Paypal. Payments may also be made via check, or wire transfer (fee applies to wire transfer). Download Daz 3D free software and tutorials here and start today!

Pixelmator is iOS iPhone, iPad, Mac Image Editor 

Pixelmator has everything you need — whether you’re a mobile photographer, mobile painter, or mobile graphic designer — all in one easy-to-use app for iOS 11.

And it works seamlessly with Mac as well, so you can start creating on iPhone or iPad and continue right where you left off on your Mac.

Designed exclusively for iOS, Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS 11 features and technologies, giving you innovative, fast, and powerful tools.

Advanced Photo Editing

• Get started with dozens of beautifully designed templates

• Instantly improve your photos with single-tap color correction presets

• Take full control over the tonal range of your image with levels and curves

• Easily remove color cast and set the right white balance

• Wipe away image imperfections, skin blemishes, and unwanted objects with the Repair tool

• Duplicate areas of your image with the easy-to-use Clone tool

• Pinch, bump, twirl, or warp areas of an image with powerful, Metal-based Distort tools

• Blur, sharpen, lighten, or darken areas of an image

• Choose from dozens of breathtaking effects to subtly improve or completely change the look of an image

• Open and edit images of up to 100 megapixels. Get it here.